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Pesto Omelette

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After letting the chickens out of their coop this morning, I wandered into the garden and thought to myself, “Hmmm. not much left.  What can I make for breakfast?”  Then I spotted the gigantic columnar basil plant and thought of pesto.  I’m eating a lot of eggs these days, considering they keep showing up in the back yard, so thought maybe a pesto omelette would be interesting, but there’s a chance it could also be weird and gross.  Having just gotten a new iPhone, I’ve been playing with Siri a lot.  So standing there in the garden, I asked her: “Siri, tell me about pesto omelettes.”  She did a quick web search, and it turns out, it’s a thing!  So I grabbed some basil and a leaf of chard (thinking it couldn’t hurt to throw in there too,) and set off to cook.

Since this was a breakfast on a work day, I didn’t bother using my fancy DSLR or worrying about lighting too much.  I just snapped off a few shots with my phone.  Not the greatest pics, but not bad for being in a hurry!

I started with this much basil and chard:

I washed it, chopped up the chard, pulled the basil off the stems, and threw it in the food processor with some walnuts, good California olive oil, and salt.

Gave it a whirl and remembered pesto usually calls for parmesean too, so I grated some in after the first spin.

Then I made a quick two-egg omelette with my new 13-dollar non-stick pan and added the pesto.

I rolled it off onto a plate and topped with a little more pesto and parm.

And served it with some pinto beans cooked with some EVOO and smoked sea salt.  (Beans?! Yep, I’m watching my carbs at the moment, and beans make for a great breakfast side dish.)

It was damn good, if I do say so myself.


Speaking of my new iPhone, just after letting the girls out this morning, I thought I’d play with the new panorama feature in the camera app.  It works remarkably well for something so automated!  It does distort things a little, making it look like our house and our neighbor’s are right next to each other, but cool none the less.  Pay no attention to the kids’ toys strewn about the yard.  Or the rectangles of bare lawn where the chickens scratched up the grass!


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We're a husband and wife team of graphic designers. We love raising our two boys, cooking, gardening, and of course, baking cupcakes!

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