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The Great Buckwheat Pancakes Rerun!

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Wife had a great idea the other day: since it’s kind of a big deal to make pancakes, and we don’t have time to do it all the time, why not make extra and freeze them?  So I made the same buckwheat pancake recipe as last time (only I didn’t have buttermilk, so I used regular milk and used exclusively baking powder to make up for the lack of acid in the milk).  I made a double recipe so we’d have extra. They turned out great, and when we were done we had a good 8 pancakes left over.  I cooled them on a rack, and put them in ziplock bags with squares of parchment paper between each to keep them from sticking.  This works remarkably well!

For this morning’s Pancake Rerun, I pulled them out of the freezer and threw them in the toaster oven on the highest “toast” setting.  Then chopped up some fresh local peaches, (I LOVE peaches when they’re ripe and in-season), whipped up a quick batch of whipped cream, and that’s it!  Instant (well, near instant) pancake nirvana.  And I didn’t wreck the kitchen (as I have tendency to do when I cook.  I’m working on it.)


And in the spirit of the season (Pun!), I was perusing Pinterest and found this:

Apple Pie Infused Bourbon


Not only does that look crazy good, but it sounds super easy to make.  I’d probably use an inexpensive bourbon like Jim Beam, since I wouldn’t want to alter the flavor of high-quality bourbon.  You could have it on the rocks, or with a bit of club soda, or make lovely autumn cocktails, like Apple Pie Bourbon Sweet Tea.


Yes please.


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